Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora - Full Revitalisation


Before Maui Studios was lifted off the ground, the amazing group of people at Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora welcomed us into their workplace. They were an integrated Maori social wellbeing environment that covered integrated Health, Education and social services.

We infiltrated their offices and hooked them up with a refreshing brand that spoke of them nurturing the people.

We also developed an online platform for them to showcase their kaupapa as an entity along with some tidy promotional material for all the staff.

If you live in Dunedin of the South Island in Aotearoa, you may be unaware of all the great work these guys do for the community. Soon after, the Maui brothers relocated studios to the Loft on George street to tackle their next creative endeavour!

Massive mihi to Donna Matahaere-Atariki and all the whanau at ATUWH for helping us in the early stages of our business.