Reo Pēpi


Tēnā tatou katoa.

It has been a real pleasure working alongside the Reo Pēpi ladies, Kitty Brown and Kirsten Parkinson.

Their passion and drive to complete these brilliant works of art has been an inspiration.

In my experience they've always been so thoughtful and aware.

I've recently had the pleasure of discovering a package, meant for me from these two.

I discovered a book called Mauri Ora, Wisdom from the Māori World.

This book is home to a wealth of provocative proverbs, collected from the great minds of great Rangatira.

Kitty and Kirsten picked this book for me. They found this book, and what it represented, and thought of me and the team here at Māui Studios. And for this I am really grateful. 

Not only because of the gesture but also because of what the crew here gains to learn from these insights.

Each page has beautiful gold edges, the photography displayed is so powerful, leaving lasting impressions, but the game changer, the real impact comes from the words.

My favourite at this time is this

"Ko te kai a te Rangatira he kōrero"

Which, in my mind, is really amazing. To think that the person is nourished by words, and especially the words of other great persons. This type of thinking really fascinates me.

I think the insights from this book will really linger with me for a long time to come and for that I am really grateful to Kitty and Kirsten

Thank you very much for this gesture.


Please look into the mahi produced by the Reo Pēpi ladies, especially if you have some little babies in your life at this time. 

They are really great!

Ngamihi nui Kitty and Kirsten



The pukapuka are learning resources for our babies and tamariki, and are excellent for parents who want to go the extra mile and teach their children bilingual at an early age.

We helped layout some of their booklets and get their digital content up and running.


We were also lucky enough to be able to spend some time at their whare and have a hearty feed. While we were there we shot our first film of the Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu - Whānau Ora digital series.

You can watch it here and checkout some inspiring Dunedin locations.