Shanghai Natural History Museum - The Wonders of the Natural World



Around 800 years ago, Māori voyaged from their ancestral homeland of Hawaiki in Eastern Polynesia to New Zealand, which they called Aōtearoa (land of the long white cloud). New Zealand: The Wonders of the Natural World is a unique natural history exhibition focusing on the country’s ecology, geology and marine biology. Threads of the Māori creation story are woven through the exhibition, reflecting an indigenous perspective to the natural science. 


This exhibition is designed to showcase the Natural Sciences of New Zealand in a captivating and engaging way through the lens of the Maori indigenous people.


The general population of Shanghai and international tourists visiting China


Temporary Exhibition Hall Shanghai Natural History Museum - China

New Zealand: The Wonders of the Natural World has been specifically developed for the Shanghai Natural History Museum.


These concepts showcase the potential scale of key ares in the Natural History and Sciences exhibition. The theme has been split into three categories for visitors to experience the full immersive and interactive aspect of the exhibition. 

The three categories are based from Ngā Ātua Māori - Tanemāhuta - Native Forests
Tangaroa - Ocean
Ruaumoko - Geographical

The crew have developed a showcase presentation of the potential for this inspiring exhibition. All works illustrated and animated by Vincent Egan of Maui Studios Aotearoa.