Puna Pakihi - Tribal Economies


Are you starting a business?
Puna Pakihi is a tool created for our people to connect with the best business services, mentors and advisors. 

With a unique storytelling mythological aspect, Maui Studios have assisted Tribal Economies in creating a unique tool for Ngāi Tahu whānui and those around New Zealand wishing to find the tools to succeed and develop their business and enter the start up world.


Working with Ngai Tahu skilled ninja and iwi representatives, we developed a range of characters that would lead viewers through this landscape to discover the resources and workshops that is recommended to utilise when starting their business.

Within this realm Manu, Tui and Huia will guide you and give you the heads up.


Along with this, the Growth Library gives users the artefact model - a visual motif that represents the area of which they are researching and discovering for themselves, so they can navigate without getting lost in this realm.


This project was launched at Hui-a-Iwi 2015, having successfully helped and assisted a wide array of business start ups throughout Te Waipounamu.

There is funding opportunities and valuable resources available today, so feel free to hit the website and start your journey.