Tātai WhetŪ - Navigators Communication Platform.

Jostle.me is a next generation intranet.

It is intuitive and has many modern features to support people engagement, express culture, and make communication happen. That’s what extraordinary workplaces are all about. It is a platform for contemporary organisations that want to work and engage with more agility and transparency and for the organisation to flow and grow.

Currently, Jostle is being used in 159 Countries, and in 23 sectors. We recommend viewing case studies of organisations currently using the platform. This can be done here, https://www.jostle.me/customers.

One organisation that stands out is New Zealand company Xero, whose CEO Rod Drury says that “Jostle is where we live everyday.” Xero is a high performing and collaborative workplace that is recognized globally for culture and communication within. They are setting global standards in their mahi, and their use of Jostle for internal engagement is a valuable recommendation.

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Tohu Development

This design was co-created with Pari Hunt to depict the Navigators of Te Putahitanga.
Here stands two celestial entities. One male, one female. The male holds a toki, which is a tool used for carving out waka or cutting down trees. The female holds the tewhatewha. This is representative of leadership in Te Ao Māori. They are each adorned with respective moko to represent their prestige and mana levels. 

The male wears the matau around his neck which is used as a fish hook and is fitting for a sea traveller.  The female wears the 9 stars of Matariki, and these are seen as sign posts of direction for the traveller.

The travellers are the many kaupapa supported by the Te Putahitanga funding initiative. The travellers, at times of need, look to the celestial entities, much like they look to Te Putahitanga Navigators, for guidance. 

The koru here are represented as waves, and speak of the challenges ahead. And the puhoro below speak of movement forward, 


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