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Huakina Mai


Huakina Mai is a kaupapa Māori behaviour initiative that promotes whānau, schools, and iwi working together to build a positive school culture, based on a Kaupapa Māori worldview. This initiative is based on the growing body of practice-based evidence that school and student/whānau success are improved by personalisation and strong relationships of teachers' knowledge of, and caring for students.

The aim of Huakina Mai is to enhance learning outcomes and experiences for Māori students and their whānau by supporting schools, students, whānau and iwi to build a whole school approach to positive behaviour based on strong relationships, authentic engagement, power-sharing, culturally responsive behaviour management systems, processes, practices and pedagogy (ways of teaching and learning).

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Maui Studios had the opportunity to work alongside the brilliant Ihi Research and Development to develop Learning Resources to produce an effective kaupapa Māori framework for the Education sector around Aotearoa.

After travelling to a series of 5-6 kura around the Ōtautahi region, Māui Studios captured a series of education based photography to include in the booklet series. Further to this we helped developed the graphic design and visual elements for the series of this kaupapa.