A practical guide to developing graphic collateral through the Māui method.

OUR goal is to kit you out with an identity that you and your organisation are proud to be apart of. 

This form will help with exploring the depth needed to best visually represent your organisation.

With this information we can better evaluate a suitable solution for your graphic collateral needs.

Graphic collateral is a series of visual assets designed specifically for your organisation. They tell a story about who you are, and act as a sign post for your customers to recognise you, your services and what you stand for.

This is important to set the visual language that speaks directly to your target demographic. We will design a logo and supporting imagery that will encourage viewers to remember and engage with your organisation. This visual language will be present across each solution proposed and lays the foundation of this communication strategy.

Thereafter it will be up to you to Build your brand and positively manage your online reputation by projecting your vision to others. 

the journey starts here.


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