The Ascension,Te reo e-book

The Ascension,Te reo e-book

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As a blazing violet meteorite breaches Earth's atmosphere, it is witnessed by a deity from the stars. The deity is the golden dimensional traveller Erohix, first born of his legendary race, the ix. 

Erohix, curious by what he sees, decides to investigate the inner workings of the meteorite. Using the help of his reconnaissance droid xi bot, they discover a dormant being encased within a glowing glass like structure. 

They realize the importance of their discovery when they are attacked by the tangata whenua, nga Atua Maori. 

It is here that our story begins

" To know ones destiny is key. Even after each galaxies collapse, after each black hole has eroded existence, and the darkness is all. It is still important to continue your search" - ix chronicles IIV- The Elders of Fe.

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