Hit those tutorials cuz

Although we may not want to admit it, those maths teachers actually knew what they were doing. They would teach us something one day and then a ton of examples for homework. We were like "yeah mean only question 1 for homework" Nek minute 1A, 1B all the way to 1K. But they had the teaching method sussed. Learn a new concept then practise it until it's down-packed then move on. Rinse and repeat until algebra = sussed.


 This topic ties in somewhat with our previous koreros surrounding motivation, and can be applied to almost any area that any amount of mastery can be obtained within. Combining theory and practise is a certain method to get good at anything. Hit up those tutorials online. Youtube will have tips and guides on doing anything worth mastering and there will be articles everywhere giving you a reasonable start to your journey on your given craft. Its crazy. There are tutorials for everything so what every tickles your fancy you can find resources to help. Check this! The rest is up to you to apply it.

I want to introduce a topic that unlike the battle philosophy (i.e try hard and you'll be the man) already mentioned, may in fact be an innovation to your thought processes. The inchworm model.  For those that haven't heard of the inchworm it is a type of walk that caterpillars have whereby they will tense their front legs on to the surface where they walk and draw their tail end to catch up. They then elongate the top end to complete the gait, then rinse and repeat to get to that important destination (illustrated on your right).





Now this is a tough concept so you have to bear with me. First we need to look at the bell curve i.e normal distribution. Now the x-axis is our level of performance on any given task and the y-axis is the likelihood that we perform at that level. Understandably our A game, (toward the right) is in there but it is quite low on the y-axis meaning that we hardly ever perform at that high level. The same is true for the far left. We hardly perform that crap but we still do at some points and when we do it is really bad. 

Going back to the original topic of combining theory and practise each of these actions affects the curve in different ways on our caterpillar journey. The theory part is the front end of our curve and the practise part is the tail. For every new concept we learn we only improve our overall likelihood to perform better a little bit. Our A game gets better because we know more skills but it only slightly improves our likelihood to perform at that higher level because our crappy game still exists. We only improve our overall likelihood to perform at a higher level by stamping out the crappy stuff that is in there. We do this by practising what skills we have learned that might still be letting us down. It is all well and good knowing that when you spike a ball in volleyball you need to use your wrist in a snapping motion to generate more torque but until you have practised it regularly you might only achieve the desired technique once in every 20 attempts. It would then make no sense to go on to a different aspect of the game like complex attack patterns and positions because you aren't increasing your likelihood to perform at a higher level by very much. It obviously would still help but you are unequivocally better off using your time to practise your spike. The same is true for anything. Learning new stuff is helpful but it only serves to flatten the bell curve (shifting the front end) and to get to where you want to be, you need to lift the tail end.

Before reiterating that you should combine both theory and practise with whatever endeavour you fancy your hand at, I must urge you to try be aware of what part of the caterpillar's walking pattern you are currently sitting. Are you quite tight at what  skills you already possess and need to learn more to add to your skill set, or do you know a whole lot of small things and need to practise what you already know. Having said that I reiterate that both theory and practise are imperative to improve your skills and you need both to be a boss. Now go out there and be somebody!!