Inspired. Jeff Cruz

A large part of our mahi at Maui studios is associated with Illustrations both in a practical sense and an inspirational one. Capcom to name one of many companies, is a large reason that we like drawing. The eternal battle between Akuma and Ryu sets a platform for mean artwork in a world of fireballs and tatsumaki senpu kyaku!!! You can see it in our illustrators' work, especially of their character drawings. They share similarities. The big feet, huge biceps and triceps tend to be dead give-aways. 

 Jeffrey Cruz a.k.a theCHAMBA is a boss artist who does work for Capcom and is an active member of the deviantart community. You can check out his page here . He also does commentary over here at his Youtube channel.  You have to see his gallery, especially if you enjoy video games like Street Fighter.

He is a respected member of the deviant art community. For those artists among our readers, you should become acquainted with the deviant art platform because it is the home to many forms of art styles and is a great forum for inspiration and education. The guys and girls over there are pretty cool and the site has a lot of cool features on top of aiding you in discovering great art pieces. One feature that I particularly like is art trades. If you have a character of your own that you like drawing, you can request a fellow member to do a drawing for you and in return you do a drawing for them of one of their characters (which I think is great). It highlights the differences in style while simultaneously encouraging relations among like-minded strangers.

There are so many gems out there on the net and is one of those and facilitates titans of the industry like theCHAMBA. While housing many features it is helpful even if you just want to see cool artwork, especially if you like our illustrators' work since they are also on deviant art, and draw a lot of inspiration from its treasures (excuse the pun).


Maui Illustrators Style ( Hugely influenced by this cat Jeff )