Get the soul to set the goal

We've talked extensively about the motivation buzz and we are all well aware that it is an ongoing battle. There are many faces to the problem and thankfully equal faces to the solution. Motivation is not just for the things that we desire, liking hitting a 120kg one rep max on the waka bench press but we can have a motivation to do nothing. Often it is our motivation to do other things that overrides our motivation for the more productive affairs in our lives. Being more motivated to improve our KD in call-of-duty or to watch x amount of episodes of Coro that we missed or whatever. The point is that motivation doesn't only involve the 'good things' but also the bad. The challenge is channeling the motivation for productive endeavours, which is important to us, or should be. A big part to play in this, is goal setting so I'm gonna dedicate a chunk of time to discuss some important facets of this quest. 

Goal setting is important to achieving anything worth achieving. No one simply turns up and happens upon building the Empire State Building. Someone had to plan it, had to plan the plan. We are no different. In order to make our goals work we have to plan them. We do this by having short-term, mid-term and long-term goals or daily/weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The small ones should be either lead-ups to the big ones or smaller increments of them.

 As an action step I suggest doing something that I'm currently doing. This method is especially effective for building a solid routine. Open a spreadsheet in either Microsoft Excel or OpenOfficeCalc (which is an open source version of Excel). Put your goals on the left under the heading 'daily goals' and in the corresponding columns, color the cell in green if you achieve the goal, and red if you don't. The point is to have a lasting wave of green goodness. People have disagreed with me in the past about the start of our goal-setting journey by advocating a 'deep end' approach and thus setting hardcore goals. I personally don't like this method and instead suggest an easier start. Start off by getting a solid green and slowly building up. To illustrate this, start off with a daily goal of 'getting up' and get those easy greens before adding in '...before 6.30am' to the 'getting up' goal a few days later. Start off with 'complete 1 push-up a night' before then amending it a few days later to 'complete 10 push-ups a night'. Once you're satisfied with the ease of achieving your goals then increase the difficulty gradually. As an alternative to increasing the difficulty of one goal, consider adding another goal. When you start this process, I advise starting with three or four routines that you would like to build up to since it may become overwhelming with too many at once and only after a month or so gradually add some (or increase difficulty of one or two) .

I want to reiterate the importance of setting goals for different periods in the planned time span. By having short, mid and long-term goals we maintain the motivation throughout, because it's about having that lasting motivation we talked about in a previous segment. By having short-term goals appropriate to our improvements, we still feel that buzz along the way which means that we can stay on the path (provided the goals are both suitable and challenging enough). The cool thing about this is that it can relate to anything we set our minds to. As an example we can take savings. Instead of just saying "I want to save 5k this year" which is a hefty yet achievable goal we begin by breaking it up into a weekly, biweekly or monthly goal which puts it into the realisable 100 bucks a week or ~$400 a month rather than this massive amount at the end of the year. 

Aside from setting goals another effective technique is having an accountability partner. What do I mean by this? Well someone that can keep you honest, in turn, helping you maintain your commitment/s. This will work better if you each have the same goals but can work fine if you have separate goals. Essentially what your AP is doing is reminding you of your goals. You could offer to pay them a fine if you miss a gym session, or you could ask them to send you a reminder txt after work telling you "its leg day e hoa!".  At any rate the idea is to have gentle reminders to stay on track to your personal success.

We all have things we want to achieve whether they relate to health and fitness, personal hobbies or our careers. We've given you a few extra thoughts to consider. Give them a go! It's only when you practise these that you will actually know if they can help you rather then relying on potentials based on theory. At any rate go hard whanau!!