Inspired. Reo Pepi

Training our pepi is something that we all no doubt envision for our futures. I know that I'm gonna have my potential little ones on those burpee workouts and sprint trainings as soon as they come out of their Mama's hapu wonderland.

There is an ocean worth of avenues that we need to explore to prepare them for this world that we ourselves are still trying to figure out. Thankfully we can break it down to some big topics and in my opinion communication is a huge one. It facilitates understanding and being understood. Language is therefore a worthy use of our time for the good of our young ones. It's not always clear, however, how to best go about language training in order to prepare them for the bilingual environment that we hope to create for our tamariki.

Luckily for the like-minded, the Reo Pepi cool cats have made some of that easier for us in their pukapuka hou. There are currently 3 books that allow vocabulary learning with the respective topics and it's quite refreshing to see this type of thing with a phonetic guide to help with pronunciation. Check out their website here and enjoy the fresh perspective on learning. 

Luke EganComment