If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

This is something we hold quite close to our hearts here at Maui: the concept of self-improvement. More specifically, I want to talk about motivation. It's a tough topic that every single one of us have battled with in one way or another, whether it be trying to put more hours in at work,  learning that new instrument or language, or hitting the gym regularly, to name a few. The list is endless.


Intrinsic vs Extrinsic - The key here lies in what kind of motivation we have for a certain task. The ideal scenario is being motivated by the process rather than by the end result. It's called intrinsic motivation. It sounds deep and intense but it's actually quite simple. We have to approach a task for the fun of it. Let's take running as an example. Aim to run because it gets us out of the house or clears the head or gives us a chance to listen to that new album. We should try to be motivated by these things rather than thinking about how much weight we are going to lose. Concentrating on our waistline is an example of a results-oriented mindset which is extrinsic motivation, and not optimum.  

It's about changing your frame of mind and trying to enjoy the process because if you can't appreciate the journey you'll never reach the destination.  I'm not saying it's wrong to think about the end result because of course it is important to be inspired by your goals, but enjoying the process is a necessary step to maintaining motivation that persists over time. I guarantee that you will see results if you change your frame of mind. 

What I think makes it tough is that people want a quick fix but surely we must know by now that there are no shortcuts to achieve anything that is worth achieving. There is no magical formula for losing the weight that you want to lose. It's about a lifestyle change, an attitude change which, unfortunately, takes time. 


Keep it sustainable - Whenever you set yourself any meaningful goal/s you need to be prepared to see it through into the long-term, which i'm sure already turns a few heads away from our cause, unfortunately. This is something that you need to address at the goal setting stage. There are countless diets that promote quick fix methods such as detox diets for example. They help shed a phenomenal amount of weight in the short term which is a huge buzz i'm sure, however, we can't healthily sustain these methods long-term which is where the problem lies. You convince yourself it's working because it appears that way but again it isn't sustainable, meaning you'll go back to your old eating habits and sadly put all the weight back on. 

Attitude change - changing your attitude is a tough one because you have to convince yourself that you don't actually like the fatty stuff precisely because of what it is doing to your body. If you are thinking just about those mean flavors then you are denying yourself the opportunity to lose weight. Your motivation for those tasty flavors means that you actually want to be fat because you rate those flavors despite the effect that it will inevitably have on your body. By doing this you have to realise that you actually want to be fat. If you didn't want to be fat, then you would hate the cakes and pies because they are keeping you fat. I'm just using weight as an example, by the way people. I know big is beautiful, but i'm also aware that a lot of people have issues with weight.

What now? As an action step I encourage you guys to set small realisable goals and build up to huge ones. No more massive new years resolutions that fade by March. All that is doing is paying the gyms. If everyone with a membership actually used the gym there would be no room in the building and the line outside would be huge. Know that when you sign up to the gym, they don't expect you to use their services after a month or so, that's why they subscribe more than they can house. Take that as some inspiration and get those gains. Be one of the good cats who goes month after month. 


What goals have you had that you achieved or failed? Do you set big goals or lots of small ones?


Just to finish on a lighter note check out this dog that my flatmate showed me. It's called an afghan hound and fully looks like the white wizard Saruman.