Maoris vs Zombies 2: The Lost Pa

Our pa is our defensive settlement. It is surrounded by palisades. Because it is on a hill we have an optimum vantage point over live and undead enemy alike. Our pa is our lifeforce and represents the mana and ability of our iwi/whanau. There are a lot of advantages to joining our pa and fortifying it as we've chosen to do. It's remote, which means that not many zombies or other humans are around, meaning pillage threat is quite low. If we do get surrounded, our pa is strongly fenced and we have a method for clearing out the perimeter systematically. We aim to start from the south entrance and make our way clockwise, as a general plan, but obviously if the south entrance is unsafe then we proceed from the entrance that is adjacent in the counter-clockwise direction and again move in a clockwise direction.

Below is our current setup. Feel free to tag yourself if you wish to join us. Note the ngahere ki te taha. If enough people wish to join and are worthy then we are prepared to clear the forest and build more whare #expansion.



Thankfully because of our current way of life, we shouldn't have a problem with food sources. We live close to te awa for fishing. Tane Mahuta also gifts plenty of resources for our weapons/tools and buildings, so we can be pretty safe where we are, at least for the time being. On top of that we cultivate the following crops: kumara, taro, yam and gourd as food, with aute being grown for more of a textile purpose. We have watchtowers at each corner and several towers close to nga waharoa (our entrances) which are not shown on our map as of yet. There is a shift roster so make sure to put your name down beside one of the vets as we team up noobs with the experienced. There are several jobs that need doing, of which some jobs require vigorous training. For example our farming team employ quite technical cultivation practises so not everyone is qualified.

Due to several factors, pre-colonial Aotearoa would be relatively safe against a zombie outbreak. New Zealand wasn't densely populated as opposed to somewhere like china and thus the opportunity for the virus to spread like wildfire isn't so much of a threat. Also because of the traditional way of life, many of the skills required to survive were oft practised. 

We've just had word from one of our scout groups, that we've lost some people. Only one person made it back from the recon mission. Apparently the zombies she encountered were faster than normal and appear to be physiologically more armored, which makes no sense, unless of course they are evolving..... No...... Can't jump to conclusions. Also as she fled, she noticed a falling white light reside somewhere on the ranges, which we have to check out. 

Do you have any recommendations for our next plan of attack? (we'll put the best one in the next edition)


0 days without incident.