Crack up things kids say

Often our film and photography mahi enables us (the Maui bros) the privelege of working alongside our tamariki. Whether it is directly with them at schools like our mahi with Randwick school, or through whanau ora initiatives like 'Pa Ora, Pa Wananga'.



Naturally, when you interact with younger generations you are given insight into less experienced yet infinitely more imaginative minds. They have a way with words that is often times quite poetic. There are some out-there and crack up insights. As a new initiative I'm gonna take this opportunity to introduce a new segment showing some of these crack up quotes from kids that we've interacted with. Although in future it may not be in the form of a blog post like this one, we will have a little 'tamariki blurb' down the side of a blog post. Here is a taste of things to come.




"You're not allowed to eat ants aye Luke"


[On the way to touch] "who we gonna beat today?"


That confidence haha

"I come from Maori"



"Boys aren't allowed in the girls toilets otherwise you'll turn into a monster"



Kid: "The easter bunny won't be happy with you because he isn't happy......but he is happy aye"

Me: "what are you on about bro?"




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