It was the best of times

Listen to this happy track as you read :)

My Wellington era has come to an end and I am embarking on a journey to awhi the Maui Bros full time. I have had to bid farewell the whanau at Randwick and say goodbye until my next visit. To the tamariki at the cool little school in Moera "stay hearty". 

I loved my time there and its an understatement to say that I will miss the staff, children and the wider community of Randwick School. To the little man Aaron, I'm gonna miss running around after you and my spatial awareness will never be as good as when I had your back.


It was a great send-off with me as the 'student of the week'. The haka the boys gave me was awesome. You know it's a good haka when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Various teaching staff also awarded me certificates with some pretty heartfelt and touching words. 

Just for your information Mr. Lee I didn't just 'burn off the ten year olds'  bro when we played touch thank you. I only did that in response to them if say they had a 3-man overlap on me and then claimed it too hard when they scored what was a sure thing. I had to bring them back down accordingly. I was generally pretty reserved actually.

Anyway a special shout out to Area 9 and Mrs. Berry. I didn't get a chance to say a last goodbye because one conniving fairy captured me and assumed my identity. Good luck this year and don't forget that you'll only get better at reading if you do it every night. 


It was a great last day and I plan to stay in touch. I hope to put a bit of the children's mahi on this platform to showcase their skills and reward the young Maui Studios fanbase.

Ka Kite Ano

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