Brothers on the Quests

Patariki sits back sippin' on a smooth soy latte, thinking "this is just another one of those perc-you-up mornings full of too much hui and not enough doey." The dawn reads 7am on a makariri Otepoti morning in the Octy, when two young-gun half-castes swing the door down craving triple shot mochas and rocking scruffy dress shirts. 


Chur rāua as they join the others at the king's table to participate in a korero. Pata was as unassuming as a dark night who cloaked the figure of a young honey connoisseur. He gave home to all things that looked steezy enough to go unnoticed. Fated, he parked up alongside the two sifty but charming cats.


Vinnie piped up. "Bro have you ever wondered what would happen if an inter-dimensional Ātua attacked our whenua with an anti-matter nebula blast, causing a rift in space-time opening a portal for Erohix to face Tanemāhuta in a duel that could potentially reshape Aotearoa?" Mads chimed in, "Woah now cuz, don't scare the bro. He ain't never heard of no intergalactic Stratheus Paos hovering over the Falleon atmosphere of a futuristic society studying these buzzy crystals on a frozen rāhina morning."


An explosion sought the deities of Pata’s mind. Digging deep into what sanity he had left in his kete he thought, could this be the quest he had been ultimately seeking? He thought that they aren't all slicked up in willys gears, but harrdout they look like brothers on the tino quests. The stars aligned as he leaned forward with an intrepid gaze. “Tomorrow I’m meeting with a couple of keen mums and a few huggy aunties to forge an idea that could help whanau thrive throughout Otepoti. Meet me at the loft on George st and we’ll suss a game plan.”


After summoning the universal energies, Mads and Vin (semi-buzzed out) had just unlocked stage three. They were going to create a sacred place of learning and for celebrating Te Ao Maori for all. A place to revitalise the spirit, away from the harsh realities many whanau face in their day to day. This place would be known as Pukerangi Pā.



This would only cast the utmost-casual of genjutsu, leading them down a path away from Ixist and all of its market demographic confusion. Utilising a drone with Azza and capturing the humble home of Pukerangi on film, it naturally led the brothers to spend an admirable amount of time together for their first project. With Dreamfeed cranking his Journey Ep through speakers of wonder, they put together a proposal for the Whanau Ora commissioning agency made up of the nine Iwi of Te Waipounaams. Perhaps it buzzed out the ether, because from just trillin it that week, they landed their first big job in Otautahi, summoned to a Dragon's Den to battle time and sleep on their rorohiko. This defiantly led Kereru-Maui to sacrifice one of his own by smashing one of his most sacred manu into the Loft window. It was a koha from the Demi-God himself, stating that these events were meant to take place.


And that was the day, Maui Studios was born.

Written by / Madison Kikorangi