The Ascending Steps - Poutama

Recently, Māui was asked to ascend the steps of Poutama.

This tale is reminiscent of a great Tupuna of ours, the God Tane,   ( Who is later acknowledged as Tane-Nui-A-Rangi, and further down the path known as the Tane Māhuta .)

Tane was chosen by the ultimate ones, the Whatukura and Mareikura ( who are essentially inter-dimensional space and time deities who dwell amidst the heavens in Māori lore ) to journey upward through the heavens in search of the knowledge of those who pondered the many things of the wise.

So Māui has been given the privilege of ascending those steps and discovering what is in store up there.


We've been asked by the Poutama Trust to attend and speak at their Silicon Maunga conference that is held in Ohakune later this Month. 

Heres the programme.

It will be a pleasure to represent the Digital Natives and korero about the exciting opportunities being created at the hands of these visionary Māori Innovators. 

We look to cover some next level kaupapa.

  • The Realm Creators from Aotearoa 360 and their VR and 360 film capabilities.
  • The future of Iwi digital communications and content distributions with the Iwinet initiative.
  • Our language survival strategy, Maname, the true Māori anime series.
  • Empire ES - The Stream E Reader platform

along with many more whakaaro.

We hope to see you all there


As Māui prepared for the journey, the excitement was evident.

Māui looked toward the heavens anticipating the great thoughts to be found up there and the great spirits who would inspire them.

Chur whānaui