Ko Māui Hangarau

Ko Māui Hangarau is a high-powered summit focussed on Māori technology and innovation. The purpose of the events that have taken place from 2018-2021 is to awaken inspire and ignite our Rangatahi into pathways in tech, innovation and entrepreneurship! It is an events designed to capture the hearts and minds of Rangatahi who have an interest in Digital Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. This is achieved by introducing them to some of some of the best Māori Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the country, to learn about their journey, experiences and challenges.


In 2018 Māui was involved in sponsoring the branding and visual theme for the Ko Māui Hangarau event. The concept of being able to awaken, inspire and ignite a spark within the minds of rangatahi Māori was something the Māui team were passionate about. The team developed a series of illustrations and poster giveaways as a collection for Rangatahi to go home and put up on their walls. The characters included Mahuika, Tūmatauenga, Tamanui Te Rā and of course Māui Tikitiki a Taranga. The posters have augmented content embedded into them which was a way of showing them  a pathway in learning more about what technology (hangarau) has to offer.



In 2020 Māui is back again bringing back a whole new sense of style, to reinvigorate the concept of opening up the minds of our rangatahi to the world of Māori in Technology & Innovation. This time we have introduced the concept of Māui and Waihiko working together to promote the kaupapa of Ko Māui Hangarau. These deities are the embodiment of Innovation and Technology. This time Ko Māui Hangarau is taking place around the whole country with key events taking place from 2020-2021. If you’d like to learn more visit their website here.

He mihi atu ki a kōrua ngā rangatira o te kaupapa, ko Lee Timutimu me Awhina Ngatuere.

Te Kōhanga Reo o ngā Mokopuna Te Kōhanga Reo o ngā Mokopuna