Empowerment through Content

We create innovative experiences and digital content that inspires and engages people.

We’re deeply passionate about creating meaningful content in the te ao Māori digital space.

Our mahi as a studio expands throughout a range of creative disciplines and this has led us to pursue digital creation, talent discovery, pioneers of tech exploration and problem solving.

Our Why

Our mission is to create positive social impact and fulfilling lifestyles.

Our duty is to inspire the next generation of Māori to become self-empowering leaders that live fulfilling lives and positively contribute to their social groups, whānau and the communities they operate within.

To do this our focus since day one has been to Create without limitation. That is our vision. To attain the means of manifesting any creative idea into reality.

Design 01

  • Brand identity packages
  • Website design and development
  • Communication strategies
  • Publications, collateral and packaging
  • User experience and interaction design

We pioneer innovative, culturally-rich high end design.

Our creative teams are experts in the field of design. We have found success by fusing the fundamentals of design with elements of toi Māori and concepts inspired by tikanga in the same basket.

We create stories and experiences with our design content and we’re always upskilling new processes and principles that guide our understanding of design, culture and context in our work.

Film 02

  • Video Content Creation
  • Brand and Marketing Videos
  • Infographic | Promotional
  • Creative Short Films
  • Drone and Timelapse
  • Series | Multiple Episodes
  • Documentary | The Art of Storytelling

We are passionate filmmakers, masterful storytellers, exceptional planners and brilliant collaborators.

Our motion and film production team are skilled storytellers with capabilities that are tailored to create unique and engaging film content that connects and creates impact.

With over 80+ commercial films produced since 2014, our production capabilities and team experience has grown thanks to working alongside SMEs, iwi, government, ministries, Māori and pasifika organisations and those in the GLAM sector.

Illustrious 03

  • Custom Illustration Projects
  • Graphic Novels
  • Concept Design
  • Resource or Brand Promotion
  • Manamé (Māori anime)

Our artworks inspire, engage and enlighten.

The original whakapapa of the word illustration, was illustrious, which refers to the concept of enlightenment. The origins of Māui Studios came from artists, painters, digital haututū and concept enthusiasts.

Today our team of illustrators and artists operate throughout NZ, USA and Italy. Visit Sanctuary.maori.nz or check out our instagram to discover graphic novels, animations, resources and free giveaways.

Mixed Reality 04

  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • Character Animation
  • Motion Capture VFX
  • Virtual Reality Stories
  • Augmented Reality Experiences

We create immersive experiences and build new worlds.

Our original vision for the studio was to create a place where you were able to carry out your ideas without being limited by resources or capability.

Mixed reality (MR) is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualisations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

We craft in the Unreal Engine and explore outcomes created through AR and VR by pioneering otherworldly tech & software.

We welcome those who are looking explore these realms alongside us.