Illustrating the Possibilities

  • Client
    Ministry of Education, Te Tāhuhu o Te Mātauranga
  • Maui role
    Liase with Mana Whenua, Concept, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation
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It’s no secret that creative ideas need to be put into motion and visualised to be successful. And when it comes to illustrating the possibilities, it’s no different. Māui is here to help you unlock your creative potential with our next level digital artists.

Māui Studios is a studio based in Otautahi Christchurch Aotearoa that specializes in illustrations. Our team is composed of talented and experienced human digital artists, with support from emerging artificial intelligence artists. Our rōpu is passionate about creating visually appealing visuals. We provide custom characters, graphic novels, animations, and custom content. With our illustrations, we help businesses and organizations to express their ideas and concepts.

At Māui Studios, we understand that everyone has unique ideas and concepts that need to be brought to life. By using digital art, we strive to unlock each person’s creative potential. We have a team of experienced illustrators from across Aotearoa and time zones who have a deep understanding of how to use visuals to capture the essence of any idea. With our help, you can have your ideas brought to life in no time.

We provide a range of illustrations for all kinds of projects. From custom characters to graphic novels, animations, and artificial intelligence-based custom content, we have something for everyone. We also offer illustrations in both print and screen formats, and basically an format or medium making it easy for you to use our illustrations in endless ways.

We take your ideas and turn them into beautiful illustrations. From hand drawing to digital painting and vector illustrations we use a range of tools and techniques to create the perfect visuals for your project.



What Are the Benefits of Working with Māui Studios?

When you work with Māui Studios, you get access to a team of experienced and talented illustrators. We understand the importance of illustrations and strive to create visuals that will capture the essence of your ideas and concepts. Moreover, we use the latest tools and techniques to create visuals that are of the highest quality. Māui Studios can provide illustrations in both print and digital formats. For print, we offer traditional formats such as novels, posters, event banners and wall prints. For digital, we offer formats such as web banners, animated app content, and visuals for interactive platforms. But these outcomes only scratch the surface of what is possible.


maui powerful character illustration emanating energy to show how dramatic and fantastic Maui brand elements can be

Māui Studios understands the importance of creating visuals that have universal appeal. To do this, we use a diverse team of illustrators who come from different backgrounds and have different styles. This ensures that the visuals we create have a wider appeal and can be used in different contexts.

Māui Studios is the perfect partner for unlocking your creative potential. With our team of talented illustrators and the latest tools and techniques, we can help you to bring your ideas to life uniquely and beautifully.

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maui powerful character illustration emanating energy to show how dramatic and fantastic Maui brand elements can be

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