Mythik Tane: VR Storytelling

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    NZ Film Commission
  • Maui role
    Innovations, 3D Modelling Realms in Unreal Engine
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During the chaos of creation, at the hands of the demiurge Io, erupt many wars between the Gods.
Wars of supreme sovereignty, of dominance, of enslavement.
The chosen deity Tāne is shown the path to the heavens of knowledge, in the hope he can bring about peace and order.
His journey is plagued with demonic entities sent by his jealous sibling Whiro, the deity of malice, suffering and disease.
This is the journey of Mythik Tane…


The vision for this 20+ minute animated Mixed Reality short Story is to leverage the Unreal Engines full suite of capabilities to depict and interactive, fully immersive, first person animated Mixed Reality Story, where users are the catalysts for the main events, and front row spectator to the rest.


The experience combined robust planning, beautifully illustrated concepts, storyboarded and produced into narrated animatic story elements, interactive challenges to overcome, motion captured animated 3D models and environments, layered with orchestrated music and SFX.


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