Te Haerenga Pūrākau

  • Client
    Energy Academy
  • Maui role
    Concept, Illustration, Graphic Design, App Development, Education Resources
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Energy Academy and Māui Studios created Te Haerenga for rangatahi to learn about Aotearoa’s true energy story. Our aim is for all Aotearoa school learners to develop a strong understanding of their local energy assets and the stories behind them, and in doing so, access pathways to a sustainable career. In 2020 we launched our first pūrākau, Te Haerenga o Tama rāua ko Kōtiro, and now we are building Te Haerenga – the quest-based game platform for rangatahi.
Te Haerenga, the quest-based game platform, is in development. At first, this platform will consist of a series of ‘quests’, encouraging rangatahi to develop energy solutions with the help of Ātua and industry mentors. The quests will be in game, AI and digital graphic novel format. In 2020 we created Te Haerenga o Tama rāua ko Kōtiro – a pick-a-path style pūrākau (graphic novel), set in the not-too-distant future, as two inquisitive rangatahi are prompted by an ailing Papatūanuku (earth mother) to seek knowledge pertaining to renewable energy sources to both safeguard the environment from future harm and benefit their communities. As the pair traverse the motu (country), they join with other rangatahi to complete various tasks to overcome a series of obstacles to gain valuable insights from the atua – potent and powerful energies who preside over aspects of the environment. They also encounter individual experts in various fields who provide advice and assistance regarding sustainable energy and associated technology.
This pūrākau is accompanied by online learning resources and lesson plans for primary – early secondary school students.


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