Te Waioratanga

  • Client
    All Right, Te Waioratanga
  • Maui role
    Branding Campaign and Collateral
As apart of the all right campaign, Waioratanga was a response for All Right to work more effectively with Māori communities in Ōtautahi Christchurch. Māui created a dynamic range of branding in response to Matariki, in addition to this we created a kick ass calendar filled with wholesome whānau ora orientated photography.  Māui worked with Vaea Hudgens to create a themed tohu that encapsulates the vision and to achieve this our management team travelled to gain insight from guardians of pounamu at the top of the south. Te Waioratanga is about connecting with our cultural identity and support for our hauora and wellbeing. It’s a celebration of te ao Māori with a focus on the traditional practices that support our wellbeing – from karakia and rongoa, to activities that connect us with our whānau, iwi and whakapapa.


After spending time with matua Timothy Moran, he introduced us to a range of key insights via two books, Kura Koiwi and Mauri Ora. These books introduced us to the concept of ​Ira Tangata ( Physical Realm) and Ira Atua ( Spirit Realm). He also gifted us a range of taonga during our stay that resonated and inspired us for this project.



These concepts are very effective when applied to the wearing and design of carved taonga. It completes the relationship between Ira Tangata and Ira Atua and creates a story of balance and unity that bridges both realms of Te Ao Maori, which is the inspiration we needed to finesse the brand identity for Te Waioratanga.

To complete the brand we were given the opportunity to visit a range of inspiring whānau around Christchurch and photograph them to feature in the new Matariki calendar being released.


The Guardians of Pounamu The Guardians of Pounamu