Hangarau Matihiko

  • Client
    Ministry of Education, Te Tāhuhu o Te Mātauranga
  • Maui role
    App UI Design and Development, Design, Illustration, Animation, 3D Modelling
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Hangarau Matihiko is new content developed by Ministry of Education and Māui Studios as part of the Hangarau Wahanga Ako of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. MOE is strengthening the Marautanga to equip kaiako with tools to facilitate learners of te ao hangarau, the digital world. An explosion of diverse mediums coming together through contemporary digital illustration and engaging animation outcomes that bring to light the future learning resources in Te Ao Māori.


This curriculum adjustment focuses on teaching skills to enable students the theory of how technology works, and how they can use that knowledge to solve problems.

Māui worked with the Ministry of Education to produce a range of creative outcomes to support the curriculum to ensure our students are given the opportunity to engage in the concepts, the approaches, skills and knowledge needed to work in today’s hangarau matihiko world.


In order to do this, further support material has also been developed to assist school leaders, kaiako and whānau to make sense of and put the new content into practice.

Together the Māui team delivered 18 x Animations, 9 x Learning Resources, 2 x AR Posters, 11 x character illustrations, 1 x app development and a brand identity to complete the package. This content is currently being circulated around kura kaupapa Māori in Aotearoa.

Preview the 3D models created for AR triggers: Futuristic Kaumātua | Rangatahi Drone Operator

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